MAXX Tech 9mm PAK Blanks 50PK

MAXX Tech 9mm PAK Blanks 50PK

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  • These 9mm PAK blanks from MAXXTech will give you the noise and realism of conventional ammunition without the danger of live projectiles. Ideal for signal firing and training exercises.

    Why choose this blank gun ammo?

    • Creates a realistic muzzle flash and loud bang
    • Compatible with any 9mm blank pistol
    • Zinc plating is smooth and prevents steel corrosion
    • Box contains 50 rounds

    Why not?

    • Can only be used with 9mm caliber blank guns
    • Plastic wad can become a projectile at close range

    Pro Tip:
    Although blank rounds do not contain a projectile, they are still dangerous. Gun powder is sealed inside the cartridges with a paper, wood, or plastic plug called a “wad”, which can inflict serious damage if fired at a close range.