15-50X 60 Angle Spotting Scope Ruby Lens / With Compact Tripod

15-50X 60 Angle Spotting Scope Ruby Lens / With Compact Tripod

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The 15-50x60 Spotting Scope Kit features 60mm objective lenses and brings images 15 to 50 times closer to you than the naked eye. The 15-50x60 Spotting Scope Kit is an all-in-one glassing setup that comes with a compact tripod, carrying case and eyepiece access that allows the observer to use their scope. The scope has a fully multicoated optical path that uses prism glass and 60mm objective lens to maximize image brightness and clarity. A 15-50x zoom range make this configuration of the scope well-suited for intermediate to long-range observations. The scope is both lightweight and ready to endure the elements. Further enhancing the user-friendly features of the scope is a eyecup and a generous eye relief that helps to provide a comfortable viewing experience for eyeglass wearers.It is perfect for shooting, birders, hunters, naturalist and travelers. Dynamic lens ensures you reveal images in optimum contrast, vivid color, and with sharp resolution. Convenient and comfort on the go, this spotting scope is designed to provide you with great performance under a wide range of viewing situations.


  • 15-50X60
  • Multi-Coated
  • Ruby Coated
  • Black Color Spotting Scope
  • Focus Adjuster
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • Eye Piece Cover
  • Lens Covers
  • Black Carrying Case
  • Bright And Clear Images
  • Field Use
  • The 15-50X 60 Spotting Scope is easy-to-use and perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • The compact, lightweight design is ideal for carrying with you on a backpacking trip or hiking excursion.
  • Built from highly enduring material this water resistant will not let you down.
  • High-performance features Broad field of view to aid object location
  • This Spotting Scope gives you the power you need for virtually any viewing situation.
  • Its 60mm objective lens reaches out and grabs light for viewing in almost any condition.
  • Its full 15-50X magnification with high-quality multi-coated optics lets you see crisp detail from a long way away.
  • It is also the perfect spotting scope to bring with you to an indoor or outdoor shooting range.
  • You’ll be able to quickly set up this spotting scope and use the 15-50X zoom to get in close to the action.
  • Although it’s an affordable, entry-level spotting scope, features multi-coated optics and provides bright, sharp views.
  • Also makes a great backup scope when you don’t want to carry a larger, heavier scope
  • This kit also includes Eye Piece Cover & Lens Cover for safety
  • Compact Tripod with Adjustable Tripod Legs
  • Loaded with features the 15-50x60mm Standard Superior Spotting Scope provides everything you need to enjoy the view.
  • Manual Instructions Included