Apolo Arrow Heavy .22 / 5.5mm Airgun Pellets, 250pcS

Apolo Arrow Heavy .22 / 5.5mm Airgun Pellets, 250pcS

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Pellets with increased penetration is characterized by an innovative construction, combines a Pointed type tip (lead) and a Hollow lead coat (concave) into one pellet. It provides a great refuting power, an ideal destructive shot to break targets for users looking for pellets for powerful pneumatic windbreakers (FAC without energy limit). Comfortable screw metal box, 250 pieces.

The features that distinguish the Air Boss Copper series of pellets (High-end line) are high quality and precision of workmanship as well as perfect balance. The aerodynamic profile ensures high impact strength (stopping power factor) and penetration. Pellets are characterized by a stable flight path also during gusts of wind. Smooth goblet without knurling.

Recommended for shooting with powerful pneumatic airguns made by Hatsan Arms or any other brands.

Technical specification:
Product number: E19941
Name: Arrow Heavy .22cal, 250ct
Caliber: 5.50 mm / .22
Weight: 1.05 g / 16.0 gr
Shape: Pointed & Hollow
Chalice (skirt): Smooth
Material: Lead
Packaging: 250 psc
Brand: Apolo, Argentina