Apolo Magnum .177 / 4.5 mm 250pcs Pellets

Apolo Magnum .177 / 4.5 mm 250pcs Pellets

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Magnum .177 heavy pellets in 4.5 mm caliber with Ballistic Coefficient BC: 0.015. Due to its weight, it is characterized by strong flattening after hitting the target and accuracy - great focus. It combines the aerodynamics of Domed shot with the penetration ability of Point pellets. Premium ammunition from the Argentine company Apolo at an excellent price. Pack of 250 rounds. Bestseller!

Pointed - a series of pellets where accuracy is the result of a flat trajectory and low drop at long distances (also during gusts of wind), which the ammunition owes to the drag-reducing pointed head. The aerodynamic profile ensures high impact (high stopping power) and penetration. The ideal pellets shape for accurate recreational and sport shooting, target breaking and hunting.

Technical data:
Product number: E12002
Name: Magnum Point .177 cal, 250 ct

Caliber: 4.5 mm / .177
Weight: 0.55 g / 8.48 gr
BC: 0.015
Package: 250 pcs

Shape: Pointed
Chalice (skirt): Smooth
Material: Lead

Brand: Apolo
Manufacturer: Monfa S.A. Fabrica Balines Apolo
Country of origin: Argentina