Pocket Shot Junior

Pocket Shot Junior

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Pocket Shot Junior Circular Slingshot

  • Patented circular design
  • Shoots rubber projectiles around 300 fps
  • Uses latex pouch elasticity to power projectiles
  • Great for introducing new shooters to the sport
  • Ideal for backyard and indoor plinking
  • Made in the USA

Pocket Shot LLC has introduced a new, pint-sized version of its wildly popular Pocket Shot circular slingshot.

Introducing the Pocket Shot Junior. At 20 percent smaller than the original Pocket Shot, the Junior edition is perfect for younger shooters’ smaller hands. It’s designed to shoot small, rubber balls instead of metal balls, slugs or marbles, making it even more backyard- and even indoor-friendly.

The Pocket Shot Junior is based on the same design as its bigger sibling. Unlike the textbook version of a slingshot, which generally consists of a Y-shaped frame and elastic bands, the Pocket Shot consists of a latex projectile pouch, a hollow base ring and a hollow locking ring. The open end of the latex pouch is sealed tightly between the base and locking rings. The projectile is loaded into the pouch. The shooter pulls the pouch back, just like with a standard slingshot, and the resulting tension powers the projectile when the pouch is released.

While the full-sized Pocket Shots ship with one standard, easy pull pouch and one pro pouch that produces higher velocities, the Pocket Shot Junior ships only with the easy pull pouch. It also comes with approximately 25 round rubber projectiles.