Tasco Novice 60mm f/12 Refractor Telescope. POWER (402X)

Tasco Novice 60mm f/12 Refractor Telescope. POWER (402X)

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Tasco's Novice 60mm f/12 Refractor Telescope, as the name implies, is built as an entry-level scope to introduce young people to astronomy. This complete kit comes with the optical tube assembly, mount, and tripod with an array of accessories to get users observing quickly. Three eyepieces provide low, medium, and high magnification, and the Moon filter helps improve contrast on the lunar surface while protecting eyes from the bright light of full or mostly full moons. To increase usability, an erecting eyepiece is included to use the scope as a conventional terrestrial spotting scope, and a 2x Barlow lens doubles the magnification of any eyepiece used to expand the range of available magnification even further.

Optical Tube

  • 60mm aperture
  • f/12 focal ratio
  • 700mm focal length
  • 1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser
  • Integrated dew shield reduces condensation on objective lens and blocks glare when using as a spotting scope during the day

Mount and Tripod

  • Manual alt-az, yoke-style mount adds stability and balance
  • Adjustable-height aluminum tripod
  • Tray holds eyepieces, flashlights, and accessories

Included Accessories

  • Eyepieces:
  • 1.25"-diameter barrel, accepts most astronomical filters
  • Low power: 25mm = 28x
  • Medium power: 12.5mm = 56x
  • High power: 4mm = 175x
  • Moon filter:
  • Reduces the amount of light from the Moon for safe viewing
  • Neutral tint maintains true color rendition while improving contrast
  • Prism:
  • 90° angle puts head in comfortable position when scope is aimed at or near the zenith (straight up)
  • Corrects images horizontally, but not vertically
  • Erecting eyepiece:
  • Straight-through viewing
  • Corrects images horizontally and vertically
  • 1.5x magnification slightly magnifies any eyepiece used
  • Use for terrestrial viewing; low-magnification eyepiece recommended
  • Barlow lens:
  • Doubles the magnification of any eyepiece used
  • Finderscope
  • Low, 6x magnification provides wide field of view for finding objects and star-hopping navigation
  • Moderate 24mm objective keeps weight and size down while still being able to resolve objects